KeMeK Production Network

July 2010 : A collective of concerned individuals – endeavoring to prevent hydraulic fracking from contaminating our water supply and irreversibly damaging the ecosystem. Currently focused on the proposed use of hydraulic fracture in the marcellus shale beds of Monroe County, WV – a karst region. Unfortunately, hydraulic fracture has already left behind a wake of documented disaster – in an effort to open the hearts, minds and eyes of our neighbors, our friends, and our leaders – the site will serve to share and distribute information.

ClimaxFX Broadcast Imaging

April 2009

Rick Allen Creative Services presents award-winning broadcast imaging. ClimaxFX is one of the largest and more respected production libraries for radio imaging and promotion. Across the United States and around the world, hundreds of radio stations have experienced the ultimate pleasure of producing with CLIMAX.

Livable Lovable Life

March 2008

From Inna Goldina, founder of Livable Lovable Life, Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach:

I offer Therapeutic Life Coaching, Counseling and Parenting-related services in Manhattan. I respect and recognize my clients' need for privacy, strict confidentiality, and convenience. Your choices, thoughts, dreams, and fantasies won't be judged. I will listen and help you to understand and live through or with them.

Life Coaching is the world's second-fastest growing business. It helps the majority of clients to prioritize and alternate their lives in the most effective way. My clients make significant and measurable changes in their lives. Whatever your goal may be, life coach will assist you to find the fastest and the most productive way of achieving it. My training and experience allow me to arm you with tools that will be yours to keep and apply while achieving any other goal thereafter. My expertise in counseling, image consulting and many other areas is the key to the high success rate of my clients.

I implement multiple modalities to find the best possible approach to your specific situation. I work with clients troubled by a wide range of issues. My understanding, nonjudgmental yet strong attitude will create an environment where you can concentrate on yourself. I will help you, through establishing a high level of awareness of your unconscious processes. We will address hurtful and unproductive behavioral patterns affecting your relationships. Ultimately, you will be ready to face yourself and the world around you in a highly functional way. I provide individual and couple’s therapeutic life coaching. Sliding scale is available for clients experiencing financial difficulties.

Agent26 Pictures

October 2006

Agent 26 Pictures is a maverick film production company out of New York, helmed by up-and-coming writer/director Daniel Wasserman, with a roster of provocative short films that have gained attention from film festivals and Microcinema events coast-to-coast. The talented team of New York and Hollywood filmmakers now venture into bold feature films with the vision of fusing innovative storytelling with social consciousness. Composed of a talented team of New York and Hollywood filmmakers, Agent 26 is a cinematic vanguard poised to create large waves through the world of independent film.


August 2006

Flock is a new, free web browser built on Mozilla technologies - that incorporates several new and innovative tools to make the interactive and social web experience more convenient and efficient. Connect and post to your blogs, render your chosen RSS and newsfeeds, search the web effectively, batch upload images to Flickr and Photobucket, and use a unique system for favorites. Flock is arming your browser with tools for the v2 web - a social, dynamic forum for exchange.

KeMeK Technology - Web Hosting, Domains, Email, SSL, and more.

June 2006

The Technology branch of KeMeK is becoming a serious part of the brand - the service now provides technology services to an ever-growing bucket of happy customers. It offers reliable and robust web hosting, email, domain names, SSL certs, marketing and web building tools all at incredibly inexpensive prices. With easy to use interfaces, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 phone tech support, its customers can focus on what is really important - growing their businesses. Find out more!

April 2006 is a creative online music application for serious enthusiasts; you can build your own profile and stock it with the music you like. From your preferences, they create a personal radio station and connect you to users with similar tastes. And by installing a plug-in, you can document the tracks you listen to and view your stats - top artists, tracks, albums - for the last week or for all-time. Well designed software and a burgeoning community.

Microsoft Certified Digital Rights Management (DRM) Provider

January 2006 is a leader in providing of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solutions. They offer scalable DRM services for businesses of all sizes, and offer content creators a broad range of options to monetize and deliver their digital media assets. Safe, secure profit.