KeMeK Production Network

Press Releases are one of the most basic ways we communicate within the industry - we announce to each other our projects, openings, closings, launches, happenings, milestones and otherwise. They are simple, to the point, and understood. KeMeK would like to offer a new service - we have created this forum for entertainment industry releases. As this service grows, we will expand the offering to include email blasts to our own proprietary list of thousands of industry names. As a charter group, there is no charge to post your release - just send it to

Note: Please DO NOT send releases that do not concern the entertainment industry (for you bonzos out there - that's the film, TV, theater, radio, music, and nightlife industries). Please send your release in an appropriate format - check out our press release sample for some tips on format and structure. Finally, KeMeK makes no guarantees to any party that their release will be included in our forum, and we reserve the right to make quality control edits if necessary.

10.31.2003 : 37th WorldFest-Houston Sets Fest Dates, Calls for Entries!
10.30.2003 : Hip-Hop Music Has a New Voice
10.29.2003 : Newport International Film Festival Presents the “Best Shorts” Fall Festival
10.16.2003 : Hawaii International Film Festival Offers Another Year of Must See Films
09.17.2003 : Aspen FilmFest Announces Program for Silver Anniversary Edition
05.23.2003 : Comedy Series Lineup at the Gene Siskel Film Center